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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Waterfront Planning?

Waterfront planning is highly recommended for any property that falls into regulated areas surrounding specific bodies of water throughout the state for the preservation of natural resources. .

Various zoning is in place that allows shore land residences to maintain, upkeep, improve, expand, and rebuild. Our planning process takes a detailed depiction of your property and structures, to provide a maximum building envelope in which Lakeside can help you design your expansions, and/or rebuilds. With this information in hand we help with drafting and design of the proposed structure, as well as detailing structural framing or unique framing considerations. Lakeside works with our clients to provide detailed specifics on various materials and developing accurate allowances for use in accurate pricing details. This process provides our clients with a “road map” from their initial thoughts through a well thought out and complete project plan.

Lakeside Construction has spent the last decade working with various regulatory authorities to help our clients navigate these regulations and not only make sure that all options are researched, but to be good stewards of this abundant beauty we have available to us in our state.

How long will it take?

This is one of the most provocative questions we deal with at Lakeside. The answer depends on the total scope of the project and the time of year the project is scheduled to start. At Lakeside Construction we pride ourselves in detailed planning before any form of construction is to begin. A quality-built home takes a certain amount of time to construct and the various specialized craftsman that come together in making it a reality should not be rushed. However, with that in mind most homes take between 6 and 8 months from start to finish once planning is complete. At Lakeside Construction, we feel it’s more important to bring quality and craftsmanship to our projects versus unreal timelines and rushed work.

What is a non-conforming lot versus a conforming lot?

Most towns have basic requirements for building lots, and yet many of the shore land lots established prior to these regulations being put into force are “grandfathered” with less than current building lot regulations. Often with such lots, there are reduced set-back requirements from roads, side lines, and back of property. It’s important to take into consideration when planning to ensure these reductions to current reductions are not jeopardized.

What is an “Allowance”?

An allowance is an approximation of a cost for categories of purchases. It’s not a fixed cost but rather a ‘place holder’ in the overall project budget that the client can use as a barometer. This is an area when a project is quoted that the potential client should pay attention to as an allowance for lighting that is $1,500 is probably unrealistic when the average spend is $5,000.

Often when helping our clients determine overall budgeting considerations, we use “allowances” as approximate depictions of what would be a realistic amount to be spent in that category. For example, it’s very difficult to select every light fixture, sink, and faucet, tile, etc. when the project is still only on paper.

Lakeside uses a price range incorporated into the initial budget that’s representative of what similar size and style homes have used in the past. It’s important to have detailed discussions during this time to make these as accurate as possible. Once the home is under construction the client can then better visualize the space and make specific selections for these various items.

As the allowance is an approximation, once the actual materials are selected the pricing is reviewed and considered against the allowance that was provided.